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XKS Enterprises Ltd ( XKS ) was founded in Cyprus in 1965 and up to this date still maintains its global headquarters on the island. XKS first concentrated on the import and export of electronic components, light bulbs and water pipes. It later on progressed in manufacturing a series of its own products and signing exclusive distribution contracts with various brands that required presence in Cyprus and later on in Malta. Through major upheaval in Cyprus, XKS needed to change and adapt to new consumer demands, diversify its business portfolio and engage in new ventures. It dedicated itself in seeking new opportunities from the global market and as such slowly started to expand and focus its business activities on an international level.

With over three decades of experience in a range of sectors and markets, the company's portfolio includes known brands from the consumer electronics market, accessories, health care and cosmetics market. Although the company was founded on the principles of dealing with consumer electronic products and specialising in the photographic market it has come a long way in effectively diversifying and expanding its brand portfolio.

XKS has always managed to establish a very strong wholesale distribution network by cooperating with the strongest accounts in every territory. Now it has over 150 active accounts covering the whole island of Cyprus and Malta, with operation in Greece, Lebanon and Egypt.


XKS Enterprises Ltd is also proud to have founded Think Big Group ( a strong advertising company that handles all of its outdoor and indoor / social media campaigns. A company that will be ready to dedicate a team for the effective expansion and promotion of any brand that it chooses to bring on board its portfolio.

The vision of the company is to achieve and maintain a prominent position in its respective fields of focus in which it has a

presence, and firmly entrench the company as a leader and innovator.

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