• KRYPTONITE’S LIGHTEST WEIGHT U-LOCK OPTION at 730 grams - 39% lighter than the Evolution Mini-5
          • 11mm hardened New MAX-PERFORMANCE STEEL SHACKLE material allows reduction of shackle diameter while maintaining the performance standards of the Evolution Mini-5, Mini-7 & Mini-9*
          • NEW patent pending BENTFOOT DOUBLE DEADBOLT DESIGN
          • HIGHER SECURITY DISC-STYLE CYLINDER is pick and drill resistant
          • REINFORCED CUFF over crossbar and cylinder for extra security
          • 3 Stainless Steel keys — including new key design and one LED REPLACEABLE KEY FOB
          • Key Safe Program


          Patents 5832762, Other Patents Pending

          • Product dimensions: 2.75” x 6” (7cm x 15.2cm)
          • Product weight: 1.60 lbs (.73 kgs)

          Kryptonite New-U- Evolution Lite Mini-6



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